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We’ve got Labradoodle puppies coming soon.


Check Back Soon For Information About These New Litters

Cherry - Lake Blue Cherry Blossom of Agape
Cherry and Jackson
What park should I take my labradoodle to
Nutmeg - Agape Labradoodles Evergreens Lady Nutmeg
Nutmeg and Kobe
Pine Lodge Colorados Jackson Kobe
Are labradoodles lndoor dogs
Bindi and Rey
Are labradoodle good dogs
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Aspen and Finnegan
Finnegan Agape Labradoodles Denver
Agape Labradoodles’ Kona McCream
Kona and Jackson
Fall 2020
What park should I take my labradoodle to
Agape Labradoodles Evergreen Lucy
Lucy and Reggy
Fall 2020
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Interested In One Of Our New Labradoodle Puppies?

Here’s how to get started:  Simply visit the Adoption Process page to learn more and get started.

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Enjoying strong popularity in short order, the Australian Labradoodle breed has become well known quickly.  Bred to be an allergy/asthma/non shedding friendly service dog, the Australian Labradoodle went on to prove they could also be a playful, joyful, gentle, loving, versatile family and therapy dog.  An Australian Labradoodle approaches life head-on at breakneck speed, and they approach every new friend with the same enthusiasm.  An Australian Labradoodle is easy to train since they are incredibly intelligent and eager to please.

Agape Labradoodles follows the guidelines of the Australian Labradoodle associations and clubs we belong to and specializes in the true Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle with bloodlines originating from Australia.  Agape Labradoodles believe that puppies should be socialized from birth. That is why all of our puppies are born and raised in our home, and receive constant “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” from us and our 13 grandchildren. Overall Australian Labradoodles are fantastic for first time dog owners and experienced dog lovers.

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History of Labradoodles Agape Labradoodles Denver


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If I like it, IT’S MINE
If it’s in my mouth, IT’S MINE
If I had it a little while ago, IT’S MINE
If I can take it away from you, IT’S MINE
IF IT’S MINE, it must never appear to be yours
If I chew something up, ALL THE PIECES ARE MINE
If it’s edible, IT’S MINE
If I saw it first, IT’S MINE
If I want it back, IT’S MINE
If I get tired of it, IT’S STILL MINE
If it just looks like mine, IT’S MINE
If you have something and put it down, IT’S MINE
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Things you can do to extend your Labradoodle’s life

Everybody wants to keep his/her pet for as long as possible. That is why we need to be more cautious and concerned with their health. Labradoodles can live for around 15 years when in good health and shape. However, to improve their lifespan, you first need to take good care of their teeth. According to…
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How to feed your Labradoodle puppy

There are 3 things that you should consider when feeding your Labradoodle puppy: The feeding schedule The diet The portion size Smaller and younger puppies need to be fed more times than larger puppies. Failing to feed your puppy for an extended period can cause the puppy’s blood sugar to fall, which can cause hypoglycemia.…
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Health concerns for Labradoodles

When you have made a Labradoodle a part of your family it is important to know the most common health concerns they may face. One condition to look out for is joint problems. Hip and elbow dysplasia are often found in Labradoodles. If left untreated, this can cause arthritis. Another common health concern; issues with…
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