About Agape Labradoodles


We are a small, home-based breeder of mini and medium Multigen Australian Labradoodles as well as standard Labradoodles in the Foothills west of Denver Colorado. All of our dogs are raised in our home as part of our family or in a guardian home as part of a special family, NEVER IN A KENNEL SITUATION.

Our dream began 14 years ago when we first laid eyes on our eight-week-old Chocolate Lab from a wonderful breeder from California who taught us the importance of health testing, DNA, and temperament in his dogs.  It was love at first sight as I looked into the amber eyes of this dark chocolate eight-week-old puppy.  What we have learned from Jessie is the passion that my husband and I have for these wonderful animals and the desire we have to pass on the perfect companion with a gentle temperament and the “Unconditional Love” that we found in Jessie.  Only one problem, a couple of our 13 grandchildren has extremely severe allergies and after getting used to a home with no shedding we now had beautiful chocolate hair everywhere.

Thus began the search for the perfect “DOG”, my opinion of course.  And I began to study Labradoodles because of my love for Jessie.  This of course led me to the Australian Labradoodle.  After two years of research, we began the journey to start our dream “Agape Labradoodles” Agape means “unconditional love” and that is what we have had since the first day Roxy and Kassi became members of our family.  We have now added Denver Nugget to our family and we look forward to the special puppies we will share with their forever homes in the future.

Please visit our guys and gals pages to learn more about Roxy, Kassi, and Denver Nugget

We continue the same focus on the importance of health testing, DNA and temperament testing of all of our adult dogs as was taught to us by the Stargate Chocolate Labs of our seven-year-old spayed Chocolate Lab and the wonderful mentoring that we have received from Heidi and Roy Alcorn from Pine Lodge Labradoodles who is the breeder of Roxy, Kassi Rose, and Denver Nugget.  We also thank the many breeders and the ALAA who have so kindly given us advice and support through this start-up process.

Breeders of quality animals invest thousands of dollars and years to do our best to assure you, the ultimate family that everything possible has been done, in our ability, to give you a healthy, happy, new family member.  Sonny and I believe that your new puppy will be the only “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” you will receive this side of heaven.

Sonny and Linda Kelsey – Agape Labradoodles