Guardian Home Program


Being a Guardian Home is an excellent, low cost way to have a top quality Labradoodle as a family pet.  Because we are a small family run business we do not have nor do we want a kennel based program.  Since we cannot house all of our breeding dogs here at home we are offering the Guardian Home program for our potential breeding dogs.  We want our breeding dogs to be raised in caring loving homes as family pets.

As a Guardian Home you agree to raise, train and care for a dog throughout their entire breeding career.

When you are chosen to be part of the Agape Labradoodles Guardian Home program, we will place you with a pick of the litter puppy at approximately 9 weeks old.  You will pay for all normal cost of the care and medical expenses of raising a family pet.  Agape Labradoodles will pay for all reproductive testing for your puppy between ages 3- 12 months to determine if your puppy meets our highest breeding health and temperament standards.

If your dog does not pass it’s  testing for breeding dogs, you will pay for the spay or neuter of the dog and we will transfer the ownership of the dog and retire the dog from our breeding program and it will remain your family pet, at no additional fee to you.

It your dog does pass it’s testing it will become a breeding dog for Agape Labradoodles.  If you have a female she will deliver between 3-4 litters for Agape Labradoodles.  She will come to our home during her heat cycle for breeding and then back home to you.  She will remain with you throughout her pregnancy and come back to us during her deliveries and until the puppies are weaned.  Once she has had 3-4 litters Agape Labradoodles will have her spayed and she will retire with you at no additional fee.

If you are a guardian home for a male stud, once he passes his reproductive testing there will be times when natural breeding is required and he will need to come to our home during that process.  There will also be times Artificial Insemination is required and you will be required to meet us at our Reproductive Vets office to collect semen for that process.  Once we have determined we have used him to the fullest potential for our breeding program we will notify you.  At that time Agape Labradoodles will have him neutered per our agreement and he will retire with you at no additional fee.

Our Guardian Home Contract covers the details of our program more thoroughly.  If  you would like to be considered for participation in the Agape Labradoodles Guardian Home program you may contact us for more information.