labradoodle and family memebers

Labradoodles and cats: match made in heaven?

The owner of the labradoodle benefits from the versatile features of its breed: a shiny, curly coat and an energetic, warm, and loving temperament. It is not difficult to train the labradoodle to work around your needs and demands to make it a kid-friendly, house-friendly pet. But how does it fare with the other furry…
how often do I bathe a labradoodle

Help! My Labradoodle sheds a lot

If your Labradoodle sheds a lot, it means they aren’t Poodle enough. When you adopt a Labradoodle, you usually get a mix of a Poodle (less shedding dog breed) and Labrador Retriever (sheds quite a lot). Hence, getting a non-shedding Labradoodle from a blend of shedding and non-shedding breeds is a matter of luck. While…