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Labradoodle breeder in Denver

As a Labradoodle breeder in Denver, Agape Labradoodles breed healthy and happy Australian Labradoodles.  Intelligent and very easy to train, they are bred to be non-shedding, allergy/asthma friendly dog.  This breed is playful, gentle, loving and a versatile family dog. As a Labradoodle breeder in Denver, we follow strict guidelines of the Australian Labradoodle association.…
how often do I bathe a labradoodle

A couple of Labradoodle grooming tips

To keep your labradoodle’s curly-coated cuteness properly groomed, his or her grooming regimen may include visits to a reputable groomer. But in between professional grooming sessions, a good weekly or bi-weekly brushing will help keep your pup’s coat in good condition. If your labradoodle’s hair is short, use a pin brush or a slicker brush…