How to bathe my labradoodle

Proper hygiene tips for your labradoodle

Proper hygiene tips for your labradoodle Like any dog, labradoodles require proper hygiene habits to keep pests at bay and maintain a soft, luscious, wavy or curly, fur coat. Poor care for your friendly pet could cause minor discomfort, fleas, or more serious skin conditions, such as rashes. Be sure to wash your dog’s coat…
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The temperament of a Labradoodle

Labradoodles, a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a poodle, have long been regarded as one of the most family-friendly dogs. Besides being an excellent companion and great with children, many people train Labradoodles to become service dogs. What makes the Labradoodle’s temperament so positive? This breed is highly intelligent, which makes labradoodles intuitive and…