How to bathe my labradoodle

Proper hygiene tips for your labradoodle

Proper hygiene tips for your labradoodle

Like any dog, labradoodles require proper hygiene habits to keep pests at bay and maintain a soft, luscious, wavy or curly, fur coat. Poor care for your friendly pet could cause minor discomfort, fleas, or more serious skin conditions, such as rashes. Be sure to wash your dog’s coat at least once every three months, or as frequently as every other week (depending on how dirty—or smelly it is!) Don’t forget to consider using a hypoallergenic or medicated shampoo and conditioner, if specific to you and/or your labradoodle’s needs. Include cleaning your pet’s ears to avoid infection, too. Saturating a cotton ball with a veterinarian-approved ear cleanser for your dog should do the trick and keep your labradoodle at its best!

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