taking my labradoodle to the park

Tips for picking the best Labradoodle name

It might seem easy to pick a Labradoodle name. After all, there are so many options. However, it is possible to pick the wrong name. Consider the following: Long and difficult-to-pronounce names can cause headaches. You can have difficulty using your Labradoodle’s entire name on a tag or collar. You, your veterinarian and others might…
taking labradoodle on an walk

Labradoodles make excellent trained companions

Because of their innate intelligence (granted from their Labrador and Poodle heritage), Labradoodles are extremely easy to train. This makes them an excellent choice for those seeking an obedient listener or a safety companion. With easy, calm temperaments and a quick learning ability, Labradoodles will pick up new tricks and commands readily. They are routinely…