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Tips for picking the best Labradoodle name

It might seem easy to pick a Labradoodle name. After all, there are so many options. However, it is possible to pick the wrong name. Consider the following:

  1. Long and difficult-to-pronounce names can cause headaches. You can have difficulty using your Labradoodle’s entire name on a tag or collar. You, your veterinarian and others might not be able to say the name with ease, which can make it hard for your dog to understand commands. A short name with few syllables is best.
  2. Names that sound like common and uncommon training and competition commands can confuse your Labradoodle. For example:
  • “Fay” and “Shae” sound like “Stay”
  • “Spot” sounds like “Stop”
  • “Toby” like “To me”
  • “Fletch” like “Fetch”
  • “Moppet” like “Drop It
  • “Steve” like “Leave it”
  1. Labradoodle names that are too similar to other pet names can cause problems. If you own additional pets, similar names can make it difficult for your pets to know who you’re talking to when you say a name. If you compete in dog shows, a name that’s similar to another dog’s can prevent your Labradoodle from standing out.

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