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Labradoodles Are A Great Breed For Your Family

You’ve heard it before. Your children’s pleas every time they see a dog: “Please, can we get one?! I’ll take care of it, I promise!”

You’re torn. A new four-legged family member would help your kids learn responsibility and make your home that much happier. But naturally, you begin to think of some downsides: “Dogs are difficult to train. They shed everywhere and I’m allergic.”

Enter the Labradoodle. Time and again, they’ve been voted the best breed for first-time dog owners and young families. Friendly and sociable, they have the intelligence of a Poodle mixed with the eagerness to please of a Labrador Retriever, making them incredibly easy to train. And because their thick coats keep dander trapped, shedding is kept to a minimum and is ideal for those with allergies.

It’s time to infuse some joy into your home. Contact a certified Labradoodle breeder like Agape Labradoodles today. You and your family will be glad you did.

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