Doodlefest 2016-Labradoodles Having Fun

Doodlefest 2016-Labradoodles Having FunThe Doodlefest 2016, was all about Labradoodles having fun. The event came to Catton Hall on August 5-7 to support the Doodle Trust. It was one of the largest gatherings of doodles in the United Kingdom. The event in South Derbyshire last weekend brought Labradoodles, poodles, and Goldendoodles, and their owners together for a fun weekend to raise awareness for those breeds. Thus the name, Doodlefest. (

Jackie Holden, from Stapenhill, one of Doodlefest’s organizers, said hundreds of people and dogs attended and raised money for the Doodle Trust. She explained that the Doodle Trust is a charity dog rescue organization. The Doodle Trust rescues dogs, cares for them, finds good homes for them, and helps educate people about Labradoodles and any dog with “poodle” in it.

Doodlefest hosted fun events for the dogs and the owners. The dogs were off lead and had fun playing with the other dogs. For the owners, there was a real ale bar, disco, costumes, demonstrations, stalls, pub quizzes and a lot of other activities and events over the weekend. Many of the people and their dogs camped near the Doodlefest site. The dog show, which was a big draw on Saturday was open to the public. (

This was one of the biggest gatherings of Labradoodles in the world. It helped raise awareness of the dogs and their needs. For example Labradoodles molt.

Agape Labradoodles in Denver explain that Labradoodles can be very energetic, so they are fun dogs, but their coats can take a lot of care. Some people, without understanding the dogs, find it hard to deal with their dog’s hair and some Labradoodles end up in the Doodle Trust kennels.

Agape Labradoodles in Denver know that for the right people these dogs are the best pets, but for those who do not know how to care for them, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Education is the key to supporting informed and confident owners.

The Doodle Trust provides good foster homes for many of these dogs, but in providing health care for the dogs, their vet bills are high. The Doodle Trust recently rescued two dogs that had matted coats. At Doodlefest, the Trust demonstrated and educated people about Labradoodles, like the care of their coats.

Doodlefest 2016 was all about Labradoodles having fun. A photographer at Doodlefest even attached a go-pro camera to his dog to find out what the event was like from a dog’s perspective.

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