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Labradoodles Need Good Dental Care Like All Dogs

Poor dental care for Labradoodles can cause tartar build-up, swollen gums and infections. Eventually, this can lead to heart and kidney issues.

For puppies that are aged one to three, brush their teeth weekly or more often. Labradoodles over three years old need a good dental scrubbing about three times a week. If you can get your puppy used to it, the process goes much more smoothly when they get older.

Buy a toothbrush designed for dogs. Typical canine toothbrushes come with a long handle to reach the back teeth. Dogs require a special toothpaste as well. Never use human toothpaste for your Labradoodles. Instead, try an enzyme toothpaste made for canines.

It can be a bit tricky in the beginning, but it’s worth the effort to see a bright, clean doggy smile.

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