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Reasons why your Labradoodle doesn’t eat

Is your Labradoodle not eating? If so, you should contact your vet as a loss in appetite could mean illness. When Labradoodles don’t eat, it’s referred to as anorexia.

Here are some of the reasons why your Labradoodles won’t eat.

  • Their surroundings have changed, e.g. you moved your Labradoodle to a new home.
  • You already have another dog in your home, causing territorial issues. To avoid this, feed your Labradoodle in a private, designated spot.
  • Your Labradoodle was recently vaccinated.
  • Your Labradoodle is tired.

Remember, when Labradoodles don’t eat, it’s not always a sign of something life-threatening. Contact Agape Labradoodles today for more information about looking after your pet.

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