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Things we do that make Labradoodles nervous

Some human behaviors can make your Labradoodle anxious, and you may not be doing them on purpose!

  • Hugging- Most dogs become stressed out when you embrace them. They can feel like they are being restrained. Try patting or scratching their hindquarters instead of hugging.
  • Petting their head- Some dogs get scared when you reach over their head. Pat them on the side instead.
  • Raising your voice- Dogs have sensitive hearing and get agitated when there is a loud noise, or when someone yells or even raises their voice at them. If you have to get onto them, speak in a calm, firm tone.
  • Staring- Dogs see being stared down as a challenge, and their first instinct is to run. If they can’t run, then they can become unpredictable. Instead, hunch down until you are at their level and then look away. They won’t feel as threatened.

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