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Where to Hike with Your Labradoodle When Spring Arrives in Denver

What are some of the best places near Denver to hike with your Labradoodle? At Agape Labradoodles in Denver, we know many Labradoodle lovers like to hike so we’ve put together a quick list to point your and your pooch in the right direction. In no particular order:

Meyer’s Ranch in Conifer, CO

Meyer’s Ranch is easy to locate and a great, low-key trail to hike. You begin in a large meadow right off of Hwy. 285. The trail leads to a beautiful forested area. This trail is great for every skill level and every dog. There are no steep hills and no technical climbing and you easily decide how far along you want to travel.

Lair O’ the Bear in Morrison, CO

Lair O’ the Bear is great because it has something to offer every skill level. You can stroll along the creek for an easy going afternoon hike (3 miles) or you can choose a more invigorating hike to the top of a mountain. The trails are both serene and relaxing for you and your Labradoodle.

Bard Peak in Empire, CO

This is a hike, right off of I-70, is for the more adventurous and skilled hikers. There are only game trails to reach the peak, which adds to the degree of hiking difficulty. This is a great way to enjoy the wild but make no mistake this climb is difficult but worthy of the time spent getting to the top.

Echo Lake at Arapahoe National Park

If you want to experience the true majesty of Mt. Evans without the actual climb, Echo Lake is a beautiful but easy way to go. Echo Lake is a great place for everyone, kids, and of course, dogs included. The scenery is a wonderful opportunity to admire some of the best of what Colorado has to offer.

Reynold’s Park in Conifer, CO

Another one of the best places near Denver to hike with your Labradoodle is Reynold’s Park which offers a challenging and steep hike to Eagle’s View, which is a vista of the Rockies. This trail requires stout hiking shoes and requires that both you and your Labradoodle have a degree of tolerance for more rugged trails and steep inclines. But the view is well worth the climb. The lush forested area at the beginning offers some lovely picnic areas and streams, which can be enjoyed regardless of your interest in tackling the trail.

Mount Falcon in Morrison, CO

This is a great historic trail for you and your Labradoodle to visit. This trail provides a view of Red Rocks, snow-covered mountains, as well as the Denver cityscape. There are even some castle ruins for history buffs to enjoy.

Panorama Point in Golden, CO

This is a medium level trail in Golden Gate Canyon Park that is about 7 miles long. The place is gorgeous and green with lots of open space. If seven miles is not quite the right distance, there are a number of alternative trails to take that have varying degrees of difficulty.

We here at Agape Labradoodles in Denver hope you enjoy a great summer start at one of the best places near Denver to hike with your Labradoodle.

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