6 Tips for Traveling with Your Labradoodle

6 Tips for Traveling with Your LabradoodleMany Labradoodle owners enjoy traveling with their dog. Our breeders at Agape Labradoodles in Denver want you and your pet to be safe and happy when you go places together. According to an article, we found on the Labradoodle Mix website, there are 6 tips for traveling with your Labradoodle to help you plan ahead.

Start with a short trip.

Take your Labradoodles on a short trip, particularly if your dog has not ridden in a car very often. Your pet will need to get used to the movement of the car, which can be frightening to a dog. If your dog enjoys these outings, you can increase the length of your trips gradually. They get their cues from you. So, if you stay calm and happy during the trip, more than likely your dog will, too. When your journey is over, make sure your Labradoodle receives lots of praise and treats as positive reinforcement.

Crate your dog for trips.

It’s not safe for your Labradoodle to be moving around in the car and sticking their head out of the window. A dog with their head out the window can be hit with debris. If they’re not safely crated, they can also distract you and possibly cause an accident that can injure the dog and others. Having your dog ride in the back of a pickup truck isn’t safe either. They can jump or fall out, even get hurt if a sudden stop or accident causes them to be thrown forward, hitting the cab of the truck. Your best bet is to crate your dog inside of the vehicle.

If your dog has been crate trained, you’re ahead of the game. They already know the crate is their safe place. The crate will help keep them calm and safe in the car. If you haven’t used one, you need to find one that is large enough for them to stand and turn around but not big enough to run around. Make sure it is securely fastened.

Bring your stuff.

You need to think ahead about all the things your dog will need while on the trip, starting with food and water. Bring bags and wipes to clean up their messes. Don’t forget a leash even if you don’t typically use one. You will be in unfamiliar territory and need to keep your dog near you. Put your dog’s favorite toys and chews in their crate to keep them busy during the trip. Does your dog need medications or grooming items? Think ahead, write it down and pack your stuff!

Take some time out.

If you are on a long trip, your dog needs time to stretch. So, every few hours find a place with grass for your dog to play. As you know, Labradoodles are energetic and need to run around. But you should always keep your dog on a leash unless you are lucky enough to find a dog park. Being in a new place can be scary and exciting, and even a well-trained Labradoodle may run off. Hunting for a lost dog in a strange place can ruin the trip. While you’re stopped for them to stretch, take the time to also feed and water your dog. Feeding them in a moving car can cause them to get sick.

Flying safe and smart.

If your Labradoodle is going to fly on an airplane with you, they will be in the cargo hold. Book a direct flight if you can to make travel as quick as possible for your Labradoodle. You should also label the crate, indicating that it contains a live animal. Don’t forget to include your identification information on the outside of the crate. Finally, make sure all of the latches are working properly and put an absorbent puppy pad in the bottom of their crate to soak up any messes.

Update your dog’s tags.

Sometimes dogs do run off, so make sure your dog has collar tags and the information is up to date. It’s best if you can have one tag with the dog’s recent vaccination information and another one with your contact information, including a telephone number. You might consider having your pet microchipped.

So, go on that trip with your dog, but keep in mind the 6 tips for traveling with your Labradoodle. Our breeders at Agape Labradoodles in Denver want you to be prepared so your pet can be safe and happy when you go places together.

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