Certified Labradoodle Breeder Denver

A Labradoodle puppy brings you love! We have one waiting for you to take them home. Come in and see. Your new puppy will make you laugh and you will wonder how you lived without them. 

After a lot of research we chose these particular dogs to breed because they are very special. We wanted to breed the best dogs and now we do! ‘Unconditional love with kisses,’ is what we say at Agape Labradoodles, a certified Labradoodle breeder in Denver.

We are a certified Labradoodle breeder in Denver, and the dogs live with us, so they will be socialized for your family. We love them and want them to find the best homes for them. Families who will love them too. 

Labradoodle are extremely sociable, clever,  and even-tempered. They are wonderful dogs. Labradoodle dogs are great with children and are very easy to train. They get along well with other dogs. You will see what we mean. They are perfect for your family.

Their beautiful coat colors include: chalk, cream, apricot, chocolate, cafe, and black and silver. Chalk, cream and apricot/gold can have rose or black pigment. They are great dogs with friendly personalities. They will be a great addition to your family.

As a certified Labradoodle breeder in Denver, we can help you choose a Labradoodle that is perfect for your family, or to keep you company. Remember, ‘Unconditional love with kisses.’ If you take one of our dogs home to be a part of your family, you will see why that is our motto.

The Labradoodle dog was originally bred to be an non-allergy, non-asthma, and non-shedding friendly service dog. The Australian Labradoodles demonstrated that they were also playful, joyful, gentle, loving, versatile family and therapy dogs.

The well respected certified Labradoodle breeder in Denver Agape Labradoodles is ready with your puppy. Go on our website and see the photos of our adorable puppies! Your puppy is waiting for you.

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