Help Taking Pictures of Your Labradoodle

Help Taking Pictures of Your LabradoodleIf you need help taking pictures of your Labradoodle, our breeders at Agape Labradoodles in Denver want to share some tips from pet photographer Mark Rogers found in a DogTime article. These tips will help you to take beautiful, memorable photos of your Labradoodle, even if you have an energetic and easily distracted labradoodle puppy who typically makes it nearly impossible to get the perfect shot.

  • Timing is Everything

You should time your photo session depending on what kind of shots you want. Action shots are best done before your dog’s walk or run, but if you want a calmer shot, wait to do your picture-taking until after the walk or run.

  • Get a Friend to Assist

Have a friend help you keep your dog in place and focused, or get their attention with a squeaky toy, while you take the pictures. Remember, the more pictures the better chance you will get some good photos.

  • Introduce Your Dog

The sounds and flashes of a camera can spook dogs at first. Let your dog get used to the camera by letting them sniff it and look at it. Then start shooting the background and things around the dog. Your Labradoodle will get used to the camera and then you can take pictures of your pet.

  • Get Down to Their Level

To get a better shot, don’t just stand over your dog, get down on their level and snap away.

  • Vary the Shots

As mentioned earlier, Rogers suggests taking pictures about twelve feet away, but he also says you should take a lot of different shots, including up close shots with your Labradoodle filling the frame, head-on shots, profile shots, and other creative and spontaneous shots. Sometimes the best shots are the unexpected ones where you capture your pet’s personality.

  • Choose a Simple Background

Your dog should be about twelve feet in front of you with a simple background, that way your dog will be more in focus and will stand out against the background. Make sure something in the background isn’t ruining your shot and the color isn’t blending in with your dog.

  • Take a Lot of Pictures

Rogers says the more pictures you take, the better your chances of getting a few amazing shots. Also, remember to bring an extra battery.

  • Try it Without the Flash

Explore taking photos in the morning or evenings and when the sun isn’t the brightest, like on overcast days or in the shade, that way your shots will be in warm, natural light. Of course, for your indoor photos, you might need a flash. Rogers suggests using an off-camera flash and swiveling it up so the light bounces off the ceiling to get a more natural photo.

You want to have great photos of your dog, after all, they are a member of your family. But you might need a little help taking pictures of your Labradoodle. They are full of energy and fun, so be sure to use these tips to help you get that perfect shot. We know that with a little practice you’ll get the technique down, allowing you to take photos for your home and even your yearly holiday card. Good luck!

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