labradoodle come on many colours

Labradoodle! What a great name!

We love the name labradoodle – doesn’t it just suggest so much joy and pleasure – and therefore it’s a terrific descriptor. Which got us to thinking. As a bit of fun for the holiday season, how many of the following do you reckon are genuine dog-breed names:

Dogo Argentino, Cornish Rex, Hovawart, Wetterhound, Hamadryad, Japanese Chin, Finnish Spitz, Pharaoh Hound, Affenpinscher

Answer: they all are apart from a Hamadryad which is another name for a King Cobra (or, apparently, a Greek Nymph) and Cornish Rex which is, whisper it quietly, a breed of cat!

How did you do at spotting the imposters? One thing we know for sure, here at Agape Labradoodles: when you are seeking a loving and loveable new family member, a labradoodle is certainly the real thing!

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