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Socializing Your Labradoodle

Unless you live a hermit life, your labradoodle is likely going to be around other people and other animals. Socializing them helps teach them the habits and behaviors you expect them to demonstrate when around others. Before you meet with a labradoodle breeder in Colorado, it’s a good idea to understand when and how to socialize your new puppy.

Start Young

By the time puppies are around a year old, many of their behaviors are set. That doesn’t mean you can’t work with them to change these behaviors, but it does mean it will be much more difficult. That’s why you want to start socializing your labradoodle when they’re around three months old. Take them around other people and introduce them to other dogs.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Dog

In the beginning, only have your labradoodle around a few new people at a time. Keep other pet visits to one animal. This will help keep your puppy from getting overwhelmed. Remember that there is such a thing as bad socialization. If your labradoodle is exposed to negative experiences, it can affect them for quite some time.

This means you need to understand when and how your labradoodle is getting overwhelmed. Their ears should be standing up, and their tail may be wagging. They will actively move forward and seek attention or initiate interaction with other animals on their own.

If your labradoodle has their ears back, licks their lips a lot, or has their tail tucked away, it’s a sign that they are stressed out. They might cower or try to stay right by you.

Places to Socialize Your Labradoodle

There are a lot of places you can socialize your labradoodle. You don’t need to make any special plans or go out of your way if you don’t want to. Just taking your puppy out for a walk and letting others approach them will help. You can take your labradoodle for a ride in the car if they behave themselves. You could also take them to the park, to visit friends (let your friends know first!), or even to your workplace if pets are allowed.

Pay attention to your labradoodle’s behavior whenever you go out and be sure to cut the outing short if they appear to be getting too stressed out.

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