Soothing Your Labradoodle’s Holiday Stress

soothing your Labradoodle’s holiday stressNow that the holidays are close, Agape Labradoodles in Denver wants to share a few tips for soothing your Labradoodle’s holiday stress. We want to help you avoid the pet angst that can be an issue during this busy time of year. The holidays are full of schedule changes, visitors, and change. It can be quite easy to forget about your normal routine and sometimes the needs of your Labradoodle fall a little lower on the list. Here are a few ways to keep you Labradoodle happy during this potentially stressful season.

Keep Your Routine

When you have a normal routine and stick to it, pets feel better. Keeping all meals, exercise, and play times on track are very helpful for soothing your Labradoodle’s holiday stress. The holidays can be so busy; it can be easy for you or a family member to forget. Add your dog’s routine to your checklists to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Enlist family members to help you keep to your Labradoodle’s schedule. This can be a great opportunity for kids to take on new or added responsibilities, making it easier for everyone.


When your Labradoodle doesn’t get enough exercise, it can cause hyperactivity, chewing, restlessness, irritability, excessive barking and other unwanted behaviors.

If you exercise your Labradoodle every day, you can help to avoid stressed out and anxious conduct. Walks, physical play, and other activities are great ways to vary the type of exercise. The added bonus of exercising your Labradoodle is that you get exercise too, which will lower your own stress and holiday nerves.


A full holiday schedule can cause you to be so busy that you overlook giving your dog attention. When your Labradoodle feels neglected, it can cause some less than desirable behaviors. Be sure that your dog doesn’t become lonely or isolated during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Be sure you give them attention and love. Let your guests spend time with them as well instead of banishing them to a single room or their crate.

Pay attention to your Labradoodle’s temperament. If your dog seems to be exhibiting erratic behavior or seems withdrawn, you may not be spending enough time with them. Be sure your dog’s needs don’t get overlooked even though you are really busy.

Use Help

Use your holiday guests as an opportunity for your Labradoodle to practice manners. Guests are also a great opportunity for reinforcing socialization and for your Labradoodle and your guests to enjoy each other’s company. If the holidays are extra busy and overwhelming, consider hiring a dog walker. You can also take advantage of doggie daycare or boarding for days that are going to be particularly hectic.

Soothing your Labradoodle’s holiday stress doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just make sure that your Labradoodle gets to enjoy the holidays, too. If you are looking for your first Labradoodle, contact us here at Agape Labradoodles in Denver. We are expecting some litters soon and can help you determine which Labradoodle may be right for you.

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