Taking Your Labradoodle to the Dog Park

Today, the team here at Agape Labradoodles in Denver offers some helpful advice for taking your Labradoodle to the dog park for fun, socialization and needed exercise. These tips will help you and your dog have a great time and remain safe so that the dog park becomes a positive part of your Labradoodle’s life.

Choose Fun Parks

While dogs are often content to wrestle and play, some parks offer teeter-totters, A-frames, and other training tools. There is nothing wrong with an open field, but a park with other options can be particularly stimulating for your Labradoodle.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

To avoid unwanted issues, it’s best to spay or neuter before taking your Labradoodle to the dog park. Unneutered male dogs can be bossy, territorial, and aggressive, especially with unfamiliar male dogs. A female dog in estrus can cause issues with other female dogs, as well as males. Spaying or neutering your dog is a great way to keep the dog park fun.

Keep Your Labradoodle Vaccinated

Taking your Labradoodle to the dog park can expose them to a variety of potential illnesses and diseases. The best line of defense is making sure your dog is up-to-date on all their shots, including rabies.


Though dog parks are generally enclosed spaces, it is best to make sure your Labradoodle has updated identification tags securely attached to their collar. This helps avoid someone accidentally trying to take the wrong dog (sometimes when dogs look similar, it can happen). Additionally, it helps you if your dog has accidentally escaped the park.

Train Your Labradoodle

Training your Labradoodle well before going to the dog park can help you avoid a good number of dog park problems. Helping your dog with the “come” command can be one of the most useful commands to know before a dog park visit. Dog training can also help you avoid having to chase down your dog when it is time to leave.

Keep Puppies at Home

If your Labradoodle puppy is younger than 4 months old, they are too young for the dog park. Primarily, they are too young to have completed their vaccinations and you could be exposing them to diseases. Additionally, they could be frightened and overwhelmed by larger, more active dogs.

Bring Refreshments

While there is often water available for dogs at the dog park, bringing a collapsible water bowl can be helpful. Also, bringing treats can be useful and fun, particularly if you plan to practice obedience when taking your Labradoodle to the dog park.

Be Responsible

Be sure to follow the park’s rules and always clean up after your dog as a courtesy. Some parks provide plastic bags, but you will want to have some on hand as a backup. This can help you avoid getting in trouble and keep you on friendly terms with other dog owners.

Taking your Labradoodle to the dog park can be a great deal of fun for you and your dog. We hope these tips from Agape Labradoodles in Denver help make the dog park experience a positive one.

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