labradoodle at the park

Taking Your Labradoodle to the Dog Park

If you’re taking your Labradoodle to the dog park for fun and exercise with other dogs, here’s everything you need to know to have a safe and positive time.

The ideal dog park for Labradoodles will be filled with stimulating activities. Before bringing your dog to a dog park, your dog should be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and properly identified to avoid any issues.

Some training for simple commands like “come” and “stop” make it easy to get your dog’s attention when it’s time to leave. Puppies younger than four months are too young for the dog park due to their small size and lack of full vaccinations.

Bring refreshments and treats for your playing dogs, keep an eye on your Labradoodle and clean up after them, and you and your Labradoodles will have a wonderful time at the dog park.

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