Tips for Training Your Labradoodle Puppy

Tips for Training Your Labradoodle Puppy Agape Labradoodles DenverHere at Agape Labradoodles in Denver, we want to share tips for training your Labradoodle puppy. Whether you’ve been planning to bring a Labradoodle into your home or received a pup as a gift during the holidays, proper training ensures a well-behaved dog and a happier relationship with your new family member.

Start Early

Labradoodles are very smart and training early is a great way to take advantage of this wonderful trait. In the first few weeks of adjusting to your home, don’t expect any of the accomplishments to be large ones because your puppy is still adjusting to its new environment. Some great first things to focus on include helping your Labradoodle learning his or her name and potty training. Learning the “come” command is also a useful first.

Patience is Important

If your puppy pees on your carpet, showing anger or frustration is not going to help improve the situation. Remaining calm is going to require patience on your part, but doing so is going to help you both in the long run. Praising your Labradoodle for eliminating in the correct place will help you achieve much better results in your training. Positive reinforcement is key.

Be Your Dog’s Leader

One of the most important tips for training your labradoodle puppy is to remember that dogs respect strong leaders. In many ways, they need you to be their assertive but calm leader. If you have consistent expectations, you will be able to help your Labradoodle be both well-behaved and happy.

Socialize Your Labradoodle

Labradoodles are a very social breed. They seem to naturally love people and other dogs. To further foster this trait, it is important to expose your puppy to people and dogs regularly. Dog parks are a great way to interact with both and can be a great experience for you and your dog. Just keep in mind that dog parks are an uncontrolled environment and so keeping your Labradoodle close and keeping an eye on them is a very good idea. Socialization is a great way to help keep your Labradoodle happy.

If you are looking for Labradoodles with great temperaments, contact us at Agape Labradoodles in Denver.

Lots of Exercise

As with any dog, Labradoodles need exercise and they may require a bit more than the average dog depending on their individual energy level. If your Labradoodle doesn’t get enough play and exercise time, you may find yourself facing chewed shoes or lots of barking. Such behaviors can be signs that your Labradoodle is frustrated and needs more exercise and play to expend more of their energy.


There are a ton of resources to assist in your Labradoodle training. There are also classes you can take to help train both you and your dog. Such classes can get you both off to a very good start. Be sure to look for resources and/or classes from experienced trainers. Using inexperienced resources can lead to attempting counterproductive training that is not useful to building a good relationship with your Labradoodle.

Using these tips for training your Labradoodle puppy will help you both get off to a great start. If you need more tips or are looking to add a Labradoodle to your home, contact us here at Agape Labradoodles. We have litters coming in Spring and Summer of 2018!

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