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Are Labradoodles a Good Fit for Your Family?

At Agape Labradoodles, we are obsessed with our dogs. We are committed to getting them and you in the perfect family situation, and these dogs make that process easy. They are bred to be allergy, asthma, and non-shedding dogs—so that time spent cleaning up fur out of the carpet or scratching your eyes because you’re actually allergic to your dog—none of that applies to these boys.

We believe in raising all of our puppies with a philosophy of ‘unconditional love.’ This means for every puppy we work so socialize them and teach them from the time they are born to the time you come to pick them up. We are Denver’s best Australian Labradoodle breeder, and so we’ve picked up a few useful questions and tips to see if our labradoodles are a good fit for your family.

The labradoodle fur types!

As mentioned above, these boys have special fur from their parents. They are a mix between a Labrador (a heavily shedding dog) and a Poodle (a non-shedding dog). This beautiful combination can result in puppies that are all types of colors, and some of those puppies can have different types of fur: straight, fleece, wavy, a loose curl, or a tight curl. Usually, the tighter the curl the better, since it indicates more poodle blood, and thus less to no shedding. However, this can be difficult to tell when they are puppies.

Labradoodle grooming!

With all this information about their specialized fur, it’s understandable to have questions about how to treat their fur. You will need to take your dog to a professional groomer for large, full body trims. (Or send them there for a stress-free bath!) You can cut their fur between appointments, but you’ll save yourself time if you have the professionals do it for you.

Labradoodles need space!

This applies to even the miniature or medium dogs, as they’re energy levels are part of their personalities! The more space that is available for them to play and explore in, the happier they’ll be. (Give them access to water and you’ll have a distracted puppy for hours.) This doesn’t mean that they can’t live well within apartments, but it does mean that matching their exercise needs will require more time dedicated on walks and in parks.

Labradoodles are so intelligent!

They are empathic dogs, focused on pleasing their owners. This makes them highly desirable for both protection and companion dogs. The ease of their training comes from their heritage, as both Labradors and Poodles are known for their intelligence and temperaments. Labradoodles combine the best elements of both dogs, and it allows them to pick up tricks and commands readily.

These are just some of the important aspects of labradoodles that can help you decide if they are the right dog for your family. If you’d like to read more, check out our blog or give us a call.

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