How to Have a Restaurant Ready Labradoodle

At Agape Labradoodles in Denver, we want to share a bit about how to have a restaurant ready Labradoodle so that you can enjoy our local restaurant scene and not have to leave your four-legged friend behind. For this to be successful, you need your dog to be well behaved. Here are a few ideas to help make your restaurant visits successful and enjoyable.

Feed Your Labradoodle First

Restaurants smell delicious to dogs and humans alike. To avoid having your dog whine or beg out of envy and hunger, be sure they are well fed prior to your arrival at the restaurant. If your pup has a full belly, chances are they will curl up contently under the table instead of trying to get food from your plate.

Exercise Your Labradoodle Well

If your companion has had a good long walk and some play at the dog park, you’ll have a restaurant ready Labradoodle that’s content to sit and relax while you enjoy your dining experience. A dog that is full of energy is going to have a more difficult time following commands and keeping still during the meal. Exercising your dog first helps ensures that your Doodle has less excess energy and is more likely to be ready for a nap while you eat.

Visit a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Denver is very dog-friendly and our four-legged friends are frequently welcome at various restaurants, but it still important to check in advance to be sure that your chosen spot is going to be accepting of a furry guest. Some places may even offer your Labradoodle their own meal. Researching ahead of time will ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that your pet will be welcome.

Hydration and Chew Toys

Help your Labradoodle by having water available for them. While many Denver restaurants have bowls of water out for dog visitors, being prepared with a collapsible or portable bowl is always recommended. It is also a great idea to offer your dog toys to stave off boredom and encourage good behavior while you are eating.

Know Your Doodle

If you know that your Doodle gets excited easily or has difficulty in new places, taking them to a restaurant patio on a sunny Saturday during peak brunch hours may not be a wise choice. Barking and bad behavior will be stressful for you, your dog, and other patrons. If your pup is not yet ready, start slow. Be sure your Labradoodle has all the basic commands down and spend lots of time socializing them. Then introduce them to restaurants during less busy times. It will feel like a natural progression for your training.

Leash Your Pet

Always keep your Labradoodle on a leash, even if they are the best-behaved dog on the planet. You never really know what is going to happen and a leash can help you protect them and keep everyone safe in any situation.

Knowing how to have a restaurant ready Labradoodle can make your dining experiences enjoyable for you and your companion this spring and summer. From your friends at Agape Labradoodles in Denver, we hope our tips make dining out with your dog more enjoyable!

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