Winter Care of Your Labradoodle

Winter Care of Your Labradoodle Agape Labradoodles DenverNow that it has turned cold, we here at Agape Labradoodles in Denver want to share a few of our favorite tips for winter care of your Labradoodle. When temperatures drop, it is more than just the cold that can harm your dog. Here are a few expert tips on keeping your dog safe and happy during the chilly and snowy winter months.

Avoid Skin Troubles

Much like humans, Labradoodles can have issues with dry, itchy skin in the winter months. To help with this issue, your dog may benefit from keeping your home humidified to help with dryness. If your dog has been out in the snow, towel-dry your Labradoodle as soon as possible to help keep their skin from drying out too much. If you remove any snowballs that may have collected on your dog’s belly and particularly in between the pads of their paws, it will help keep them more comfortable.

Washing your Labradoodle too much can also contribute to dry skin because washing removes the natural oils. Try to keep baths to a minimum to help with this issue. Petroleum jelly can be used to help keep trouble spots moisturized. It is great to use on paw pads to keep the winter from being too tough on your Labradoodle.

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean

In snow season, salt and de-icing chemicals can irritate your Labradoodle’s paws. For winter care of your Labradoodle, consider using booties to avoid trouble and be sure to use pet safe ice melt. The booties will save you from constantly having to tend to your dog’s paws and can avoid the need for a bath, so it may be a win-win solution for everyone.

Keep Antifreeze in a Safe Area

Antifreeze can be lethal to animals when ingested. Cleaning up any anti-freeze spills and storing your containers away from prying pups can keep your Labradoodle safe. You could switch to using antifreeze products that contain propylene glycol which is far safer than those comprised of ethylene glycol if ingested.

Remember the Cold

Keep your Labradoodle warm by limiting their time outdoors on particularly cold days. If it is too cold for you, it is probably too cold for them. Providing your dog with a warm blanket or pillow will also help keep your Labradoodle happy on chilly days. Additionally, you may need to consider feeding your Labradoodle a little extra because they require more energy to keep themselves warm. Additionally, try to avoid shaving your dog’s coat short in the winter, they need to be able to retain heat and their natural coat helps.

Hydration helps your Labradoodle’s skin and helps them regulate their body temperature so keeping their water bowl full can help them a great deal in winter.

Here at Agape Labradoodles in Denver, we want your Labradoodle to stay safe and winter care of your Labradoodle can help. If you or someone you know are in search of a cuddly Labradoodle to add to your family, we will have new litters available soon. Contact us today for more information regarding the adoption process.

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